Thursday, November 09, 2006

Long Live the Big East!

So, the Big East and I might have our differences in terms of whether we think the conference is legitimate and its top teams play against real competition, but I've found something I really agree on, as much as it surprises me.

Thursday Night Football. Now, I certainly might hate it if this were practiced in/at Michigan, but my hat is tipped to the Big East for starting the last two weekends of College Football two days early and with two big games. Great job, schedulemakers - I'm not sure how you picked Louisville vs. Rutgers (unless one assumes that there are only three real teams in the Big East) for this big matchup of the week, but you're gonna get me to waste time on Thursday night watching football, and I'm glad.

By the way, my prediction is that stupid drive-killing penalties will fill in the chinks in Rutgers' D (since UL's offense is actually really potent when they're not committing personal fouls), and Rutgers will play solid fundamental ball (don't count on 7 fumbles) to limit UL's opportunities to score easily on defense and special teams. Oh - and whoever is expecting Louisville's potent defense to stymie this Rice guy is obviously guilty of that crime that annoys me so - they didn't watch last week's game. No way UL will tackle Rice in the backfield all night, he'll go for a buck-fifty, if not the whole Jefferson.

Rutgers 28, Louisville 10


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